Alexx studies how to live a fulfilled life through the lenses of neuroscience, psychology, education and mindfulness.


Alexx has worked with top scientific researchers at Brown and Harvard to study happiness, wellbeing, and the benefits of mindfulness practices on the brain and body. While studying in India, she conducted anthropological research on the relationship between Buddhism and social and emotional wellbeing at a residential school for Tibetan refugees. This project won her an international research award and was presented at the Forum on Education Abroad Conference in New Orleans, LA in 2015. Alexx is currently working on a project that examines effective and developmentally-appropriate mindfulness curriculum in classrooms. 


Alexx was introduced to mindfulness meditation at 14. Her mindfulness practice helped her respond effectively to anxiety and the unease borne out of transitioning from near-bankrupt and failing public schools to a rigorous college preparatory school. Since then, she has developed a routine practice and has attended several silent meditation retreats. In 2013, Alexx spent three months at a Burmese monastery in Bodh Gaya, India, the place where the historical Buddha sat and became enlightened. There she was immersed in the study and practice of the traditions of Buddhism. Alexx's practice also includes West African dance, spontaneous public performances, and swimming in cold rivers, lakes and oceans.