my thanks to you


i live a life of hella worlds. i show up in my buddhist, silent-meditation-retreat world with hella swaggy sneakers and personality glasses. i booty-pop on the dance floor and teach youth about living meaningful, purposeful lives. i was raised by failing public schools then stepped into the world of super-elite owning-class institutions. 

i’m learning that one of the most important things I can do for my people is to bridge my worlds. to wear these worlds proudly and to represent the people who don’t feel welcome or included in these spaces, especially within the worlds that aren’t self-conscious of their blind exclusion of others. 

i’ve often wondered what it would feel like to bring all parts of myself to my work. last week, i found myself at the ultimate intersection –– a week of designing a music education experience for youth, connecting a collegefriend marion to join grammy-winning grace weber on stage for a duet, creating community between hs students, world-class musicians, and my dearest friends, all within the Stanford where my education non-profit org dayjob, project wayfinder, was born. talk about worlds colliding. 

growing up i dreamt of a life filled with glitter, glam, and gold but now see that what’s most precious is living the life that i choose. 

on this day, i’m grateful for the privilege to be in community with those who let me show up with all of who i am. i’m grateful for a community that supports me to live a life by my design, and who remind me that the sacrifices that come with doing purposeful (and not always lucrative) work is worth it. it’s my community that keeps me focused on the work of fulfillment –– but also helps me creatively and resourcefully find solutions to work with real-life constraints of needing enough in the bank to eat and sleep peacefully. to all those who fill me with the fuel to live fiercely, i thank you.