Is your school, team, program or community interested in working toward increasing wellbeing, developing a healthier culture, or addressing issues of inclusivity?

Alexx collaborates with and consults for schools, teams and programs to develop workshops and curriculum centered on uplifting the wellbeing of students and teachers, exploring issues of inclusivity, identity and diversity and developing a culture of mindfulness inside and outside of the classroom. 


Alexx offers groups a variety of day-long or half-day workshops and trainings. Some topics include: 

 Mindfulness-Based Mentoring: Strategies for coaching mentees and students with intention, awareness and compassion, developing a growth-focused and student-centered mentoring approach. 

 Developing a Practice: Strategies for developing organization and a system of accountability for daily personal practices, whether towards a specific goal or to lift overall wellbeing. 

 Establishing Community: Strategies for improving communication, collaboration, and empathy between teammates, classmates, or colleagues, though mindfulness, creativity and play.



New Scientist Program, Brown University

"I learned to be mindful of my mentee and to be open to suggesting different options, rather than what I think may be right." 

ShareRoot, Emeryville, CA

"Alexx's ability to guide meaningful and thought provoking discussions cannot be emphasized enough. The workshop provided a great framework for thinking about mindfulness at work and gave us some practical techniques on incorporating it, too."


Alexx worked with Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts to integrate mindfulness practices into the dance program.  She collaborated with the Dance Artist in Residence to introduce students to mindfulness in a way that is playful, incorporates movement, and integrated into the themes of the course: building trust, practicing discipline and growth as both performers and as people. 



Alexx worked with Cate Summer Institute to build their leadership and design thinking curriculum. The curriculum is focused on approaching leadership as a practice and challenges students to lead with intention and innovation. Alexx mentored and supported the counselor team, taught design thinking, and oversaw the leadership and design thinking program.



Alexx designed a 6-week mindfulness workshop series for selected high school students at Wheeler School. A collaboration with the Health Center and the Academic Support staff, the series was designed to introduce students to the practice of mindfulness and to culminate with students to committing to goals based on what they identified was most important to them.  Students came away with the basic principles of mindfulness practices as well as a specific actions toward implementing mindfulness in daily life.



Alexx helps design and teach the leadership curriculum to both students and new faculty members at the International School of Asia, Karuizawa, an international school in Karuizawa, Japan. A collaboration with Dave Mochel of Applied Attention, the curriculum combines design thinking, neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness and is taught to about 80 middle-school students from over 30 different countries.