Are you seeking a mentor to help you work though stress, anxiety, and fear? Would you benefit from working with a mentor who can help you bring your focus back to your values and your vision for your future?

Alexx works with students (ages 14-20) to help them design their lives with intention, awareness and purpose.  Mindfulness is a practice that can help mentees approach life circumstances with more gratitude, openness, and acceptance. 

Through mentorship mentees will have the opportunity to: 

Learn to effectively work with stress, anxiety, fear and procrastination

Connect more deeply with others

Reflect on values, goals and aspirations

Live a more focused, and balanced life

Mentees will develop and practice skills such as:

— Designing and implementing short-term daily practice goals toward a bigger vision

— Writing a personal statement outlining a vision for contributing to the world

— Developing a self-reflection routine and discovering practices for self-expression

— Making choices about how to manage time based on goals, values, and vision

Incorporating basic mindfulness practices into everyday life